Fourth of July Senior Shoot

Happy fourth of July!! Being a Senior Spokesmodel means the opportunity to participate in fun shoots throughout the year. This was our first "creative shoot" for their senior year and it was a blast. I was thrilled that most of the ladies could attend, plus we had great weather, which has not been the case for most sessions this summer.

From confetti fun in the studio, playing in a field, to sparklers, we had a blast. We also had a chance to celebrate two birthdays.

Huge shout out to my amazing assistant Lenae for carrying all the things, throwing confetti, and lighting the sparklers. Could not do these fun shoots without her! 

These sessions are also an opportunity for me to get creative and practice. These ladies were troopers when our end of the night sparkler photos did not go as planned, but hey- that's what learning is about right? :) 

Have a safe and fun fourth of July from all of us <3 


Erin SchiefenComment