Jake + Rebecca - Wyndridge Farms Wedding

Oh this day! Instead of writing how much I loved this couple, their bridal party, and wedding, (like I tend to do every time because I truly am that blessed to have AMAZING couples), I decided from here on out I will share my favorite moments from their wedding day.

Moment number one: It was a HOT day. The humidity was no joke and it felt like you had to cut the air with a knife to walk…dramatic, maybe, but true-absolutely. The chapel at Wyndridge is absolutely stunning and you have the most spectacular view. However, when it is brutal hot there is no where to hide as the trees are not yet matured. So Jake as he was waiting for his beautiful bride was being beaten by the sun in his suit. The moment before Rebecca’s father handed over her daughter he handed Jake a handkerchief to help with the beads of sweat. It was hilarious and sweet all in one.

Moment number two: The moment after couples are announced husband and wife and they begin to exit is always one of my favorite moments. The cheers, the huge smiles, the realization that it’s official-always my favorite. But, this one well, it was special. As Jake and Rebecca made their way past their guests with their huge smile the moment they passed the last row all the emotions came out for Jake. He stopped, covered his face and cried…what I think were tears of joy, excitement, and maybe a bit of releasing the emotions built up during the ceremony. I caught that moment on camera and it is one of the photos I love the most, and I am sure he appreciates it ;)

The vendor team:

Venue: Wyndridge Farm

Flowers: Steelcut Flower Co.

DJ: Center Stage Entertainment

Cake: Lancaster Cupcake

Makeup: Beautiful By Megan Horst

Hair: Ashley Godwin from Soiree Salon

Second Shooter: Mel from Shifted Focus Photography <3 SO Lucky to have her with me!!

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