Madison - Senior Photos Central PA

Oh Miss Madison!! This beautiful lady is one of my Senior Spokemodels and she is a ball of fire- the best kind of fire. She told me once that she normally does not like having her photos taken and can be insecure. Now let me tell you-that shocked me. Why, you ask? Because she OWNS her sessions with me. What she said next was something along the lines of it was how I made her feel comfortable and confident that allows her to own it. WOW let me tell ya, that right there is why I do what I do. Sure, I love the outcome of the photos and selling beautiful products, but if I can make you feel confident, comfortable, and make you feel beautiful just as you areā€¦that is my why.

Madison- thank you for showing me that one day my spunky ball of fire little girl will grow up to be a beautiful, strong young lady like yourself.

Erin Schiefen1 Comment