Frozen River- Senior Photos

My drive to the studio is always beautiful because I drive along the Susquehanna River. However, recently it has bee made even more beautiful. We had very cold temperatures here in PA a few weeks ago that caused the river to freeze. Seeing the ice pushed up on the banks was an amazing site and I just knew I had to take photos, cue the best senior gals around.

I offer a spokesmodel program for upcoming seniors and part of the program is having the ability to participate in fun creative shoots. I made a call out and some of my spokesmodel team was able to join me in creating some fun, unique, winter photos. I had no plans, just to have fun with these ladies and I am thrilled with what we came up with.  Also shout out to my best bud who lent us some fur coats for some added winter flair. 

Here are a few favorites: 

Erin SchiefenComment