Will and Cassandra - Lancaster Pa- 1920's Theme Wedding

I go to a lot of weddings each year, of course I do, it's my job. However, it's not often I get to go to a wedding as a guest, let alone a bridesmaid! One of my very best friends from High School got married and I got to play dual roles, photographer and bridesmaid. The amazing, sweet, and talented Alysha Christine came along to co main shoot with me. I must say I never looked so fancy taking wedding day photos. Now onto the wedding... 

Cassandra has a flair for fashion and loves the 20s. It was only fitting her wedding was a 1920's theme and she pulled it off so wonderfully. We all had many nights spent at their home surrounding by feathers and wine. She also had her mother's wedding dress re designed and custom made into one of the most beautiful and unique dresses I ever photographed, and probably ever will. It was 100% her and she looked amazing. 

I can't tell you how special it was to stand beside her as they shared their vows with her son by their side. Will is such an amazing man and adores her and her son ...what more could you want for your best friend. 


Here are some favorites Alysha and I: 

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