What to wear based on your Skin Tone

The most common question I hear when it comes to senior photos or engagement sessions...What do I wear!?

Simply wearing colors that compliment your skin tone can make a huge difference! 

Cool Skin Tones

Cool skin tones are typically pale and have a blue, pink or magenta undertones. 

People with cool skin tones usually have light blonde hair and blue eyes. However some people have dark brown hair with blue eyes and pale skin. 

Tips: If you have blue eyes we are blue...green eyes wear green

Complimentary colors: Blue, greens, and purples.



Warm Skin Tones 

Warm skin tones are usually deep and have yellow, olive or tan undertones. 

People with warm skin tones usually have brunette hair, red hair (with brown eyes) and black hair. Most have dark or hazel eyes. 

Tips: Jewel tones also look good on warm tones, but deeper in color (eggplant instead of purple, deep teal instead of electric blue) 

Complimentary colors: Khaki, gray, olive green, orange, coral




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