Dressing to Impress: What to Wear for YOUR Body Type

What body type are you? Find out below. Learn about the most flattering clothes for your individual body type. 

The Rectangle

INDICATOR- Your waist, hips and shoulders are all the same width

GOAL- Create more curves with colors and different cuts of clothes


  • Experiment with colors. Wear a brighter color on the areas of your body that you want to pop, and a darker or more muted color in other areas.
  • Dresses or tops with a fitted waist, or a belt, that are looser in other areas will create a waist. Think a peplum top, or fit and flare dresses. 
  • Patterns in bold colors (other than horizontal stripes) will add more shapes and interest to different parts of your outfit, creating curves.


The Triangle

INDICATOR- Your upper body is narrower than your lower bod, which is wider

GOAL- Balance out your body so the two halves match


  • Wear lighter tops than bottoms to draw attention to your upper body, and make you hips appear smaller.
  • Blazers, jackets, and blouses that hit at the hipline are a flattering cut for you because they don't add extra fabric around your lower body.
  • Show off your small waist with an a-line dress or skirt that is fitted through the waist. 


The Hour Glass

INDICATOR- Your upper and lower body are about the same size, with a smaller waist

GOAL- Accentuate your curves.


  • Wear tailored clothing that isn't tight from head to toe. Aim for one area that is body hugging, and one that is looser.
  • Belt or accentuate your small waist because it will balance out your body, and accentuate the hourglass shape. 
  • Nude colored heels or flats will lengthen you legs and make you look long and lean. 


The Inverted Triangle

INDICATOR- Your upper body is wider than you lower body

GOAL- Accentuate your lower body to create balance


  • High waisted jeans and skirts bring attention to you hips. 
  • Try out soft necklines, like a narrow scoop neck or deep v-neck to make you look longer.
  • Wear dark colored, sleek tops with brightly colored, or patterned bottoms to balance your lower and upper body.