Copy of Top 5 Skin Care Tips for Flawless Skin for Teens

Crystal, owner of Muse Beauty, is the makeup artist I use for all of my senior clients because she is a favorite of mine and the seniors. She makes them look and feel amazing for their photoshoots, and is also very knowledgeable as a licensed esthetician. I asked her to give me and my seniors five tips on flawless skin, because we all know how stressful high school is and having bad skin on top of that shouldn't have to be a worry. 


  1.  Cleanse: Morning and night with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type; cream for dry or sensitive skin, and foaming for oily or combination skin. A double-cleanse is very helpful for at night to remove the days makeup, dirt, and oil from the skin. The first time you cleanse you will remove the surface grime, and the second cleanse will actually clean your pores and refresh your skin. Tip- This step should not leave your skin feeling very tight or uncomfortable. If it does, your cleanser is not balanced for your skin. 

  2. Exfoliate: Every other day for oily or combination, and two times a week for dry or sensitive skin. This can be achieved with a scrub or a muslin cloth. Tip- Concentrate on areas of blackheads and flakiness. 

  3. Moisturize: Each time you cleanse your skin, moisturize it too. The goal of a moisturizer is to help balance and protect your skins natural moisture level so even the oiliest of skin will benefit for a light moisturizer used consistently. Dry and sensitive skin types will also benefit from the soothing and additional hydration benefits. 

  4. Sports: Use a cleansing wipe to remove makeup before sweating, and one after to clean away the sweat from your skin. Tip- Don't workout with makeup on! It is the fastest way to get blackheads. 

  5. Breakouts: Allow breakout time to heal, so don't squeeze or pick. This only prolongs the healing time. Use soothing and gentle products if you are having a flare-up. encouraging the body's natural healing response to lessen the inflammation to the area.

Crystal Hagan is a professional licensed Esthetician with 15 years of experience helping people look their best. She provides skin care treatments, brow sculpting, makeup artistry, and lash extensions. She recommends using natural products as much as possible, and has a great results with Motives Cosmetics, as well as Pai Skin Care out of London, and Laurel Organics out of California. To inquire about products or services with Crystal, please visit 

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