It's a GIRL!!

It has been over 4 weeks since we welcomed this sweet little girl, Brinley, into our family.  We are now officially a family of 5! We did not find out the gender so that moment meeting her was a wonderful surprise, I thought she was going to be a he ;) 

The last 4 weeks have flown by as I knew they would. I have been spending the time enjoying lots of cuddles, watching her brother and sister adore her, and trying to maintain my business when I have a moment <--- not many with 3 little ones under 4. I am so thankful for this time I have had with my kids. Any business owner knows you are never fully "off", there are things that need to be done but It has been wonderful. Even when  I fully could not be away from the business.   I also had the chance to squeeze in two wonderful engagement sessions, it was so nice taking time to be behind the camera again and enjoying some adult time. 

So Here she beautiful baby girl Born October 23rd 2016 on her due date :)

Newborn photos by my talented Friend and fellow photographer- Mandy of Amanda Naylor Photography

*Her bonnet was made by her great great great grandmother from England. It was gifted to us when we had her big sister 2 years ago I am amazed it was still in such great condition. I can only hope one day my little girls will be able to pass it on  <3 *

My 3 little loves who drive me crazy and make me fall in love with them more and more everyday. 








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