2014 Wedding Review Part 1 - My Favorite Bride/Groom Photos

There is an old album that sits on my grandparents shelf that has been there for years. On occasion when I visit, I dust off that album and spend time studying each one of their wedding day photos. They are so classic and timeless, no crazy filters or Photoshop magic, just beautiful black and white photos. They are perfect! To see my grandparents on their wedding day is very special, admiring how beautiful and youthful my grandmother looks, and how much my cousin resembles my grandfather.
When I think about how my couples will perhaps have grandkids one day looking through their album or admiring the photo on their wall, I am in awe. What a true honor and big responsibility it is to photograph each wedding.
To my 2014 couples... I am so honored you choose me to document your beautiful day! Each and every one of you were so very sweet and kind. If all of my future couples are like you, I will be on very lucky photographer!

Erin Schiefen1 Comment