Jenna- Red Lion High School Senior Photography

Ahhh the beautiful Jenna! When Jenna came into my meeting last February to hear about the opportunity to be an Erin Elaine Photography Model/Rep, I was really hopeful she would sign up, and she did! I mean look how beautiful she is, serious model material. However, there is much more to Jenna than her beauty. She is a sweet heart and an amazing volleyball player.  Thank you Jenna for representing my photography studio and having fun with all of our sessions <3 

Here is a bit more about Miss Jenna: 

Favorite Place on Earth: Australia

Dream Job: A vet

Friends would say she is: Adventurous, Outgoing, Funny, Artistic, and Athletic 

A interesting fact: Jenna is 6'3" so buying clothing is not the easiest :/ 



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