One of my favorite little boys!  We first met over 3 years ago when he was just 6 months he is a playful and funny 3 year old who loves his trucks, sticks, and dirt. 

Kevin and Jamie (Alex's Mommy and Daddy)  have been with me from the start of it all. Through many changes in my business, techniques, and approach. We quickly bonded over our love for the Orioles and the fact that Kevin, Alexander, and I all have very close birthdays...Yeah for April babies!!! Jamie and Kevin always trust my vision, 100%!  Having a client trust you that much is one of the biggest gifts you can ever give a photographer, without a doubt.

 We allow Alexander to play and I follow ;) It is capturing those precious and unscripted moments that I love. Thank you is not enough for trusting me to capture your amazing little guy through the years and having faith in me from day one!    Oh and Let's go O's ;)  


Top image is Alexander at 6 months, 1 year, 2, and 3 :)   The following are from his most recent session.

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